Anniversary Bazaar - Stars of the Show

Anniversary Bazaar - Stars of the Show

The 2nd Anniversary bazaar in Marostica was a celebration of culture where the over 100 guests engaged in enjoyment of the works on display and animated discussion. The stars of the show were the Energitismo partners who proudly displayed their works from Our Discoveries and Our Collection and told their stories.

The entrance was guarded by the grand Ahura lions crafted by Ezio Zanardello. To the left in the ‘Bazaar Hall’ Ilario Tartaglia displayed range of his fine textiles next to a sensational Dreamtime lamp part of the exciting display by Florio Pozza. Fabio Scapin‘s wonderful Drumming up Elegance armchair and mobile shelf stood alongside the sensuous lips on Les First - the enigmatic Chair by Massimo Marcomini.

Lucio Marin presented Elegance and Security Dressed in Red – Murano glass art safety signs and the Marinstyle exotic extinguisher. Against the outer glass wall, Maurizio Signorini presented his Venetian “Briccole” table with his light sculptures in stone lamp on the glass tabletop.

Along the wall hung the lyrical lithographs of Giancarlo Busato, and nestled below rested the Tondin bambino bike of Nicolas Lunardon. Proudly displayed on an easel was the impressive icon ‘Annunciation’ of Anna Maria and Mariangela Tondello. The culmination of the standing displays of starsof the show was a magnificent full height flowing sculpture in wood by Toni Venzo.

Counterpoised to the Tondin bike were examples of the natural woods, structures and shapes that form the basis of Tondin furniture. Above, on the wall, hung two of Giuseppe Facchinello’s large expressionist ‘Picasso’ period ceramic sculptures.

In the middle of the hall, a long table held displays of eight Energitismo partners.

Living Stone mosaic sculptures from the Greek mountains of Antonis Karakonstantakis sat beside an elegant silk shawl woven with fine coral jewels, created by the Ascione family from Naples. Adjoint sat a glazed lava stone bowl for bath or ornament from Sabrina Zibellini of Made in Lava. Four exquisite drop necklaces based on Murano glass were presented by Roberto Perziano.

Rita Dal Prà presented one of her beautiful ceramic model Italian gardens. Luciana Bertorelli was represented by two ends of the spectrum of her ceramic sculptures, though both drawing on the same philosophical approach, a blue Pangea and an open glazed sphere.

The entry by Giampietro Zonta and Daniela Raccanello in stars of the show was Living Jewellery, the glorious gold necklace created around two arms of cells producing powered by emulation of photosynthesis, worn initially in elegant style by Manuela Lunardon and subsequently, in a show of youthful joy, by Maria Vittori.

The stars of the show are remembered by thousands of images, many of which will be available on the Energitismo site and on our Facebook page.

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