Ciociaria, the South Gate of Music: the word of Giuliano Gabriele

Ciociaria, the South Gate of Music: the word of Giuliano Gabriele

Giuliano Gabriele is a Castelliri musician known for his alternative style of reinterpretation and composition of popular music. It is considered by critics one of the most interesting figures of the 'Italian world music'.

A musical journey born in Ciociaria, a land rich in history, evocative landscapes, hidden beauties, artisans and artists of all kinds and ages that makes its inhabitants proud.

In so much wealth, if you are determined you can achieve great results by carving out a space. When one understands the importance of one's past it is like shedding light on the future.

For a musician, Ciociaria offers unique musical traditions made of songs and ballads including Saltarello and Ballarella. A music that Giuliano came from his great-grandfather organ player who transmitted his passion for this instrument in his DNA.

For the rest he followed his instinct with an on-the-road training crossing the south far and wide, participating in traditional festivals, meeting masters and musicians both in Italy and abroad.

"For me, the Ciociaria is the South Gate in popular music and I love mixing all the south in what I create. For geographical position, language and for the terzinato rhythm of the dances, the ciociara music has similarities with the whole south. Today Ciociaria musicians and dancers know how to play and dance bell, pugliese, and calabrian music in an excellent way.

Here you can practice and dance all the southern popular music with about 40 musical groups and hundreds of musicians who play a vast repertoire from the songs of their country and up to the pizzica of Salento with influences in all musical genres.

There are festivals that have revolutionized tourism and almost every festival is accompanied by popular music. I remember one of the first "Suoni dal Mondo" festivals in Isola del Liri, "Ernica Etnica" in Veroli and "Boville Etnica" in Boville Ernica.

In 2009 with the mayor of Castelliri we created "Tarantelliri" dedicated to the music of the south that in a few years has achieved a high reputation with important guests ".

Together with Giuliano Gabriele, with the Elpcoop / Grid of Frosinone, the web portal "Musica Popolare Italiana", the Istituto Fernando Santi, the UNPLI Lazio, the Coming MusicArt association, we too of the portal promote the establishment of the District of Popular Music of Southern Lazio.

Among Gabriele's many satisfactions we start from the album, or better experiment, "Meleodonìa", dedicated to the accordion and published in 2011 with which begins the experimentation path in popular music.

Following the numerous concerts, the first experiences abroad, the extraordinary participation as a musician actor in an important theatrical comedy alongside the legendary Lindsay Camp, dance teacher and theater of David Bowie and Peter Gabriel at the beginning of their career .

"I was lucky enough to share the stage with important musicians like Antonio Infantino, Fausto Mesolella, Ambrogio Sparagna Peppe Voltarelli, Ginevra di Marco, Teresa de Sio, Pietra Montecorvino, Enzo Avitabile, Eugenio Bennato, Nada, Francesco De Gregori, Hevia, Carlos Nuñez, Kora Jazz, Bombino.
The emotion of treading historical stages like the Moods of Zurich, the Grand Soufflet of Rennes, the European Jazz Expo of Cagliari, the Ravenna Festival, the Folk Est of Spilimbergo ".

This is followed by the publication, in 2015, of the second album "Madre", reviewed worldwide in the field of 'world music', and the victory in the same year of the prestigious Andrea Parodi Award, the most important recognition for 'world music' in Italy.

The second place overall at the Festival of Italian Conservatories in Frosinone in 2016, where with his group he managed to get for the first time on the podium the Licinio Refice Conservatory with popular music.

Soon a new album, a totally different work from the previous ones and supported by the singer-songwriter and producer Daniele Scarsella di Veroli, my brother Gianmarco Gabriele, a young and already mature musician, and Lucan poet Luca Amodio.

Without abandoning the constant commitment in the artistic direction and in the organization of musical festivals assisted by the super staff of Coming MusicArt. In addition to his dreams in 2018 he continues the artistic direction of festivals such as Tarantelliri and 'Aretr or castegilo' of Arce or "Terreinazione" of Anagni and shows with the Trio, with the Ensemble in the 'Hypnotic Dance Tour' and with "Officine Meridionali Orchestra ".

This is a true popular orchestra that unites some of the established musicians (such as Luca Attura (link), with his powerful and melodious voice, Giuliano Campoli, undisputed master of ciaramella and bagpipe, and Anna Maria Giorgi enchanting voice of Monti Lepini) and hosts young artists.

We follow him because we can not be pleasantly overwhelmed by his events and his charm when he plays. We are his prisoners and our feet obey music as if by magic.

Written by:
Claudia Bettiol

Engineeer, futurist, joint founder of Energitismo and founder of Discoverplaces. Consultant for the development and promotion of the Touristic Development of Territories specialising in...

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