Five of the best things to find in Rocca Priora that will make you love this highest village of the Castelli Romani

Five of the best things to find in Rocca Priora that will make you love this highest village of the Castelli Romani

Rocca Priora is the highest village of the Castelli Romani, a picturesque location that gives the traveller a picture of nature: the horizon ranges from the Prenestini mountains, to the Lepini, from the Sacco valley to the wonders of Rome. You see Bracciano and both airports of Rome: Fiumicino and Ciampino !!
Here are five special things to discover.
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    1. Find shelter from the summer heat by tasting an ice cream on the highest terrace in Rome

Rocca Priora in summer is a favorite destination of Romans who seek shelter from the heat and confusion. There is nothing nicer than arriving at the highest point of the countryside, perhaps restoring your appetite by tasting good homemade ice cream.
Behind Palazzo Savelli which dominates the entire ancient village, which was the medieval castle of the family that is best known in  the history of Rocca Priora, opens a breathtaking panorama. Here is the Piazza del Belvedere, the terrace over Rome, where the eye knows no boundaries!
[caption id="attachment_36272" align="center-block" width="750"]Robazza e Rocca Priora, Fontana del Narciso Fountain with "Narcissus" Rocca Priora Robazza[/caption]

    1. Modern art that is intertwined with the traditional architectural landscape of the small villages of Lazio

Rocca Priora lives between ancient architecture and modern art, animated by the works of an important international artist, Maestro Mario Benedetto Robazza.
Along the streets of the town there is a real artistic path that starts from the Via Anagnina where a elegant White Horse welcomes. Entering the village you immediately come across the fountain of the "Triumph of Good" and the "Narcissus" which prepare the way to the bronze stations of the Via Crucis positioned along the streets of the ancient historic centre.
The journey in art ends in the civic museum inside Palazzo Giaggi, an elegant building where the final proof  of the most majestic work of the artist “Inferno” is exhibited: 

    1. Let's discover the Snow Industry countryside

Rocca Priora looks like this, between its natural beauty and its art and with a beautiful story to tell that binds it in a unique way to the Snow Trade !!!
Its geographical position has always led to severe winters with heavy snowfalls and the idea was born centuries ago to conserve snow in deep pits dug in the ground.
The snow was put in alternating from layers of earth and sand in order to preserve it. In summer it was then transported to Rome where it was used for food preservation and health services.
The bond between Rocca Priora and the snow is renewed every year on the first weekend of August on the occasion of the celebrations of the Madonna della Neve, when an artificial snowfall animates the streets of the town.

    1. Rocca Priora, a town that tells its story through a fairy tale

A fairy tale has been conceived and created by a mother and her child that tells in a new and child-friendly way the "Magic of the Snow of Rocca Priora". The protagonists who accompany the reader are two friendly characters: Nevino and Biancofiore.
This is a new frontier of child-friendly experiential tourism that has found the support of discoverplaces and artisticisbetter to make this town the springboard for a new project of cultural and tourist promotion.

    1. Horse riding is a vocation of this territory

Rocca Priora is a popular destination for all horse lovers. Many equestrian enthusiasts and sportsmen choose it and learn to love it because here they find a way to ride in full harmony with nature.

The Castelli Romani Regional Park offers many paths to ride in a pleasant way between nature and archeology: this area was already alive and throbbing before the birth of Rome and can tell many stories.
The presence of many riding schools increases the value of this special village, even more than the green lung of the Castelli Romani. This connection is  emphasized by the large statue that welcomes us to Rocca Priora, that of the majestic horse, sculpted by Maestro Robazza, at the entrance of the village.
These 5 finds  and much more transform Rocca Priora into a town and countryside to discover!

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