The places of Inspector Montalbano in Sicily

The places of Inspector Montalbano in Sicily

Which feeling involves us most in making our choices? The first thing that comes to mind is love, which we can also decline into passion.
I think this is one of the first criteria for choosing a holiday, for me personally it is the sea, food and culture that are some of my passions ...
But I have another small passion which is reading, I like reading books set in places I know or vice versa going to places I've loved while reading books.

Sicily contains all these passions of mine!
That's why one of our holidays (with my husband) had the places of Inspector Montalbano as its destination.
The names of the places where the most famous inspector of Italian television, taken from the books invented by the unforgettable Camilleri, tell of  real places that can be visited and so Vigata and its police station are located in the municipality of Scicli, a small village that in every corner of it you will find yourself remembering scenes from fiction if you are as passionate as I am.
But attention, there is the police station in the municipality of Scicli, I did not enter but I was able to take a photo on the famous steps.

The village is slightly different from what it looks like on TV because during the shoot it is closed and modified to create different settings for the stories.
Another pearl to visit to get lost in the places of Montalbano is Ragusa Ibla with the cathedral of San Giorgio, the background of many episodes and where the trattoria da Calogero is located, where in the early episodes the inspector often goes to lunch.
In the square we ate a very good granita with brioche.
Do not miss the Hyblaean garden with its tree-lined avenues which in the episode "La luna di carta" becomes an elegant nursing home.
But certainly the most famous place is the house of Santa Marinella which is located in Punta Secca, today it is also a B&B with the possibility of staying and looking out from the famous inspector's terrace.
I contented myself with taking pictures by knocking on his door, dreaming that he would come and open it "in person, personally".

A curiosity, it seems that the house was chosen by Elvira and Enzo Sellerio (Editors for Camilleri) who went on vacation to another house nearby).

Literally a few steps away is the restaurant "da Enzo" where you can eat while looking at the sea as Montalbano does so many times, and then take 4 steps to the lighthouse to digest or simply get lost in the blue of the sea and the sky.
Another place we visited was the Mannara which is located in Sampieri, in the fiction it is a trap but in reality they are the remains of a kiln.
We stopped nearby on the free beach, which for its beauty is really worth a visit but there is also one with facilities.

At a small stall right next to the parking lot we quenched our thirst with a lemon granita drowned in beer ... A must try!
There are other places to visit such as the Donnafugata castle, but our stay was now over, yet I'm sure we will be back.

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