Tourism Pills with Claudia Bettiol dedicated to the town of Acquapendente

Tourism Pills with Claudia Bettiol dedicated to the town of Acquapendente

Let's find out together in today's pill!

In the radio program Amico Comune on Radio Radio TV, in collaboration with Anci Lazio, we meet every week the Mayor of a town in our region, and together with the mayor we discuss how to improve the tourist appeal of the territory.

No matter how small the village we are talking about, there is always that feast or festival that every year attracts more people than the inhabitants who live in the village itself. And this, unfortunately or fortunately, is an all-Italian phenomenon that certainly does not help the already precarious economy of our small villages in the long term.

On Radio Radio TV with the Mayor of Acquapendente and the Pugnaloni

In the last episode of Thursday we met the Mayor of Acquapendente, Angalo Ghinassi, and with him we talked about the tourist opportunities of this small village in Tuscia.

Acquapendente is famous for one festival in particular, that of the Pugnaloni, an event that combines religion, folklore and popular entertainment in a week of celebrations that also highlight the unity of the Acquapendente community.

But after the festival? What happens?

It can be said that the village has experienced its maximum splendour in those days, and then returns to a state of dormancy until the next Pugnaloni festival.

What if this doesn't happen? What if it were possible to experience the same joy and economic well-being that this holiday brings 365 days a year?

We talked about how to achieve this "deseasonalization" in our article 5 Strategic Moves for Tourism, where after years of study and work we came to the conclusion that: the secret is to work on identity.

The identity of a village has many aspects. It is the way it is proposed to tourists, what they write in their promotional material and how it is proposed in terms of marketing to the world and to their region.

If Pugnaloni is the most popular festival, Acquapendente must become synonymous with this event and vice versa, in everything. A bit like the inhabitants of a small town feel part of it. This is to ensure that the tourist, Italian or foreign, is always aware of this identity, and at that point they will be able to breathe the spirit of this holiday even on days when it is not there.

Understanding one's tourist identity is a job that must begin with us, a journey made up of many roads that must all be tried to truly understand the direction in which you want to go.

As with Acquapendente, there are many Italian villages that have not yet found it, and you? 

Do you know what your identity is?

Written by:
Claudia Bettiol

Engineeer, futurist, joint founder of Energitismo and founder of Discoverplaces. Consultant for the development and promotion of the Touristic Development of Territories specialising in...

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