Tourism video pills - part 34

Tourism video pills - part 34

The campaign #IlFuturoNelleNostreRadici (#theFutureIsInOurRoots) has attracted a growing number of friends

Inhabitants of local territories continue to send us their stories, while institutional partners are supporting our project as well, including the SVIM Marche, the development agency for Italy’s Marche Region, as well as UNICAS, the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, to all of whom we extend our warmest regards!

Today we explore the Liri Valley. Our guide is Paolo Silvi of the “Apassiferrati” (“SteelPathways”) Museum. This dear friend has transformed his passion for historic trains and modelling into a glorious project that allows us to trace the history of the area along its train tracks. 

He began with a group of friends who have succeeded in spreading word of their initiative, and the spectacular events they organise, throughout the globe. 

Have you ever taken a trip on a steam locomotive? Thanks to them (once the quarantine is over), you can!


#italianisuperanotutto (#italiansovercomeeverything) #ilFuturoNelleNostreRadici (#theFutureIsInOurRoots)

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