Tourism video pills - part 35

Tourism video pills - part 35

#ilFuturoNelleNostreRadici (#theFutureIsInOurRoots)

Roots, both old and new, that intertwine

Today we will be talking to the Director of the Municipal Archaeological Museum of the Toleriense Territory in the Town of Colleferro, Angelo Luttazzi, a dear friend who has devoted his life to archaeology.

This exceptional museum combines the distant past of the Toleriense territory with the history of a town founded no more than a century ago, offering a fascinating look at two worlds, both of them found in an area that is rich in further surprises as well. 

A fervent promoter of the town of Colleferro, Angelo’s love of archaeology has also led him to organise activities that allow those taking part, both young and old, to combine a dig site, an archaeologist’s brush and a few shards of pottery into highly pleasurable emotions.

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