Tourism video pills - part 58

Tourism video pills - part 58

Sicily is never forgotten ...

Today we return to Sciacca with a story that moved us to the last word, worthy of a romance ... or adventure!

Betty Scaglione Cimò tells us about her encounter with the past, a young Russian boy whose grandfather, who escaped to Italy during the Russian Revolution, found the kindness to help in one of the toughest periods of the year in Sciacca and in Betty's family his life.

From Sicily he went to America, but he never forgot about Sciacca, and he always carried in his heart the kindness and beauty of our country, a love that he also passed on to his grandson.

A 3rd generation that has come to rediscover its roots acquired in this small Sicilian city.

A truly beautiful story, which makes us love even more the country in which we live, its history and our Italian spirit!

A new appointment for our #theFutureIsInOurRoots contest

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