Tourism video pills - part 63

Tourism video pills - part 63

The green hills of the Marche Region and a town of only 5000 inhabitants

Loredana Barbanera takes us to her village of Castelferretti, for another journey into the beauty and history of one of the most fascinating regions in Italy.

Loredana tells us about her family, how in the 60s they made the decision to stay in this small village, when everyone seemed to abandon it for the big cities. Let's go back to talking about watches, memories and memories of a simple life that only our small villages can give us.

Few inhabitants, but a big heart full of emotions

A new appointment for our #theFutureIsInOurRoots contest

#italianisuperanotutto #IlFuturoInelleOurRadici

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Discoverplaces is an organization born from the desire to promote small towns and Italian territories. Our mission is to create bridges between Italian descendants and the Italian Community of their...

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