Tourism video pills - part 67

Tourism video pills - part 67

Gossip, and the places where it happens, are Italian heritage!

A story that made us laugh a lot, and that was so beautiful that we decided to divide it into two parts!

Michele tells us about the ancient municipal ovens, and about when women to make bread and other products gathered there in a joyful weekly appointment, a bit like the hairdresser or the squares of today.

But like all the places where many women gather, it was there that in those times the village gossip was created and discussed, and Michele reminds us of some heard during his trips to the oven with his mother.

A beautiful story, a small showcase on simpler times, which we have had the pleasure of reliving together with these two beautiful stories of Michele, which you can


A new appointment for our #theFutureIsInOurRoots contest

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