Tourism video pills - part 71

Tourism video pills - part 71

Gaeta narrated as a Sandokan adventure!

There are places that remain in the heart since our childhood. Micaela tells us about her holidays spent on the beaches and in the village of Gaeta, the splendid town on the Riviera D'Ulisse. A name that already testifies to the myth and legend that characterize the beaches of this beautiful village.

Micaela tells us about the adventures and raids that filled her days in the three months of summer vacation, and which are still among her dearest memories today.

A tourism of the heart, a dip in the clear waters of our coasts and of a past that transports us to distant countries, mysterious jungles and coasts full of "pirates", even if we are a stone's throw from home. This is Lazio, this is Italy!

A new appointment for our #theFutureIsInOurRoots contest

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