Tourism video pills - part 76

Tourism video pills - part 76

A new appointment for our #theFutureIsInOurRoots contest

Bagni 77, to go there at least once in a lifetime!

On my trip to Marche, one of the stops was the enchanting Senigallia, a city of sea and innovation, where I had the pleasure of meeting Filippo Borioni, owner of the Bagni 77 factory of the same name.

In addition to the beauty of the structure, I was struck by the philosophy on which Filippo has set up his establishment and its "hospitality", which makes it one of the greenest establishments in Italy.

In fact, the spectacle of the sunset at Bagni 77 is also given by the automatic closing of the umbrellas, powered by the photovoltaic panels that surround the plant. An event that I attended and that for me was a sign that sustainable tourism has not disappeared, on the contrary. It is constantly developing and in the hands of young people ...

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