Tourism video pills - part 77

Tourism video pills - part 77

A new appointment for our #theFutureIsInOurRoots contest

Does the trip come first or the article?

Our Claudia Bettiol embarked on a journey to discover the Marches, and after the large centers of one of the most beautiful regions in Italy she made a stop in Sassoferrato, more precisely in the hamlet of Cabernardi from where we received a beautiful article.

The story is written by Ugo, where between poetry, narration and photographs he tells us about the past of this village famous for its sulfur mines, where once Ugo and his friends played carefree between bolts and raids that today would be somewhat "outlawed".

We discovered that Sassoferrato, where we met its mayor Maurizio Greci, and Cabernardi have a strong community of citizens abroad, most of them in the State of Michigan, where today they have created associations and groups where they remember the beauty and traditions of their country.

Who knows how many of them will have played in those mines ...

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