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Tai’an is a famous tourist, historical and cultural city located in the middle part of the Shandong province, the region with its peninsula south of Beijin.

Tai’an is close to the capital Jinan, and other important cities such as Qufu, the hometown of Confucius, and Zibo, the capital of ceramics.

The area of Tai’an is divided into districts and among them the most important are Taishan district, Daiyue district, Xintai city, Feicheng city and counties such as Ningyang and Dongping.

It should be mentioned the important Tal’an High-Tech Industrial Development Zone and the famous Mount Tai Scenic Area, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage.


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The name Tai’an derives from Mount Tai and relates to an old idiom: “If Tai’an is at peace, the whole world is”, implying that “the country is prosperous and its people live in peace”.

Situated at the base of Mount Tai, Tai’an is a liveable city which harmoniously mixes ancient mountains and modern downtown landscapes. It has been honoured as a “Famous Historical and Cultural City of China”, “Excellent Tourist City of China”, “National Sanitary City”, “National Garden City”, “Excellent Investment Environment City” and “National Habitation Environment”.

Because of the ancient worship of the sun and mountains, Mount Tai used to be a Holy Mountain for Chinese Emperors’ Fengshan ceremonies. A ceremony to worship heaven and earth, during the Yao and Shun Period (4,000-5.000 years ago) to the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties.

Along with the Fengshan ceremony, Mount Tai was deified. Buddhist and Taoist representatives and famous literati poured to the mountain and left many historic items and scenic beauties.

Tai’an is the eastern birthplace of Chinese civilization with a long history and splendid culture. It is the source of Dongyi and Haidai culture and a focal point of Confucian culture.

As early as 500,000 years ago, there were human beings living and thriving here. Then, roughly 50,000 years ago, the people of Xintal evolved into Homo sapiens.

Finally, 5,000 years ago, it gave birth to the splendid Dawenkou culture, an important milestone in Chinese history. The History and art of this culture are shown in the Tai’an Culture and Art Center composed of 4 parts: library, art museum, picture gallery and theatre.

The center was designed by the China Architecture Design and Research Group.

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