Gorga. Astronomical Observatory

Gorga. Astronomical Observatory

Due to its remoteness from inhabited centers, Gorga was chosen for the construction of an astronomical observatory and a planetarium which were inaugurated in 2008 and which are managed by the Monti Lepini Astronomers Group.

The center was built on a small hill a couple of km away, in a secluded position from the center of Gorga. In addition to the sky observation room, the observatory is equipped with a conference room, a meeting room and a laboratory. The dome of the planetarium has a diameter of 9 meters and is among the largest in Italy.

The observatory hosts a permanent exhibition and, in addition to astronomy enthusiasts, plays an important role in the dissemination and promotion of science in schools, also with astronomy courses.

Its importance is such that every year hundreds of people come to Gorga during the evening of the pleiades to observe the sky and scrutinize the shooting stars.

The facility is equipped with a computerized telescope, a refracting telescope, a 4.6-meter synchronized dome with a hatch.

The observatory teaches astronomy and participates in Science Week, International Moon Watching and European Researchers' Night.

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