Pontinia. Park of the Continents

In Pontinia there is one of the largest theme parks in Europe.

It is called the 'Park of the Continents' and opened in April 2018. It was created by Antonio Aumenta, a plant enthusiast and graduated from an agrarian institute, who traveled the world collecting rare and ancient plants.

A large botanical park where you can admire the flora and landscapes of all the continents of the world. Divided by geographical areas and not by climatic bands, as often happens in similar parks.

The idea was to recreate a landscape and the vegetation of a distant country, to find the atmosphere of that place.

The park is 16 hectares large and there are thousands and thousands of different plants.

In the Park of the Continents of Pontinia the boulders of the Mexican desert, the sand and the Australian land were also imported. They also brought millennial plants, more unique than rare, and described rain and desert landscapes.

In the area dedicated to Europe, it was made a tribute to the olive tree, creating a colossal amphitheater and very suggestive with stone and olive trees.
The park was chosen for photographic and film sets in the recent past.

A challenge not just for this entrepreneur who became one of the biggest collectors of plants in the world.

It really seems to follow an imaginary path of the sunny desert or to plunge into the atmosphere full of the smells of an ancient Japanese garden.

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