30 June: Discoverplaces presents the "Terre del Cesanese" to China

30 June: Discoverplaces presents the "Terre del Cesanese" to China

A seed if well watered bears fruit, so also the hospitality to 4 young Chinese bloggers who last year came to know the Terre del Cesanese has brought its sweet fruits (you can see their story here: https: // www. youtube.com/watch?v=NF3o07uF3sA)
Monday and Tuesday, a year later, we returned to relive another fantastic experience together with two young Chinese influencers who in this year are traveling all over Italy, from Venice to Sicily, to tell the beauties of our country in China (https : //abitarearoma.it/la-cina-e-vicina-a-roma/) and that this week they were with us to discover the lands of Cesanese.
Our new friends are Amelie Wei, vlogger and journalist for Phoenix TV in Hong Kong, and Ciso, blogger of A Chinese friend, who with his dual Italian and Chinese culture is the reference point for all young Italians and Italian-Chinese. who want to know each other.

We are sure they will come back to visit us again.
It all stems from the passion for horses and from our Horse Museum where we have collected over a thousand objects including art, crafts and kitsch from all over the world and where the love for this animal can be breathed. Those who love horses recognize themselves.
From the photographic set of the museum to the one with the real horses and we took them on a visit to
Genazzano to caress Letter and his Alcam foal and for a photo shoot with our Italian champion Alessandro Donati and his splendid horses.
But beyond the horse we have thrilled them as the exciting Flight of the Angel of Fly in the Sky in Rocca Massima and a 'particular' dinner at Casale Verdeluna with the unforgettable wines of the L'Avventura farm and with the music of young Ciociari who sang the typical and funny songs of their land.
Together with the equestrian center, the farmhouse was another exceptional photographic set with the small bunches of grapes that have just started to come out and the sunset light that makes everything magical.
Telling our beauties is not enough, and to bring foreign tourists closer you need more.

You have to use the emotion of an experience, accompanied by a welcome that takes into account all the aspects necessary to make the tourist feel welcome in our beautiful country. Where to start? From a smile and the right training like the one we developed in the Friend Of Tourist seminars (www.friendoftourist.com)!
Those who sow well reap, and for us this is proof that, a year later, we are on the right path.
We will tell you more about our special guests in the next articles, keep following us!

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