San Giovanni Incarico. Nature reserve

San Giovanni Incarico. Nature reserve

The Nature Reserve of the ancient city of Fregellae and Fabrateria Nova and Lake Saint Giovanni Incarico, stretching along the shores of Lake San Giovanni Incarico and Isoletta d'Arce, was born by the damming of the river Liri.

The lake is a real surprise: willows and poplars are reflected on the surface of this vast basin, sometimes covered with a carpet of water lilies; along the banks extend thick reeds that offer shelter and food to coots, herons, ducks and other waterfowl; among the tangle of lake algae also swim numerous and fish species such as carp, tench and perch.

In the reserve, there are two important archaeological sites of the city of Fregellae and the remains of foundations of Fabrateria Nova.

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