Villa Adriana
Villa Adriana

Tivoli. Villa Adriana

Villa Adriana in Tivoli was the residence of Emperor Hadrian, is a UNESCO World Heritage.

It is one of the most visited archaeological sites in Italy.

It was built between 118 and 138 A.D. and stretched for about 120 hectares.

In his villa, Hadrian had wanted to reproduce places and monuments that most struck him during his many travels.

Overall there were palaces, baths, temples, barracks, theatres, gardens, fountains and nymphs.

Some of the rooms represent the many provinces conquered by the Roman Empire and visited by the emperor himself.

One can visit the Vestibule, which connected the Great and Small Thermal Baths, the Canopo, a long canal adorned with columns and a tribute to the ancient Egyptian namesake city, the Pecile, a long covered portico, where he spent whole days for wellness, the Greek theatre, the small court theatre used for a few close friends, the Greek Library and the Latin Library, the environments of learning.

The most photographed part is the Maritime Theatre, a building in a circular shape supported by Ionic columns and covered by a barrel vault.

It is reflected on the water of a wide canal: a sort of minor residence within the imperial residence.

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