Fiano Romano. Villa Dei Volusii

The Villa Dei Volusii of Fiano Romano is inside the ‘Service Area - Feronia West' on the stretch between Raccordo and Roma Nord on the Autostrada Del Sole.

The family of Volusii of Saturnini arrived in Rome in the first century BC and was a very powerful senatorial family. This is one of the largest Roman villas discovered in the area and it is almost completely excavated and restored.

The complex dates back to 50 BC and underwent numerous improvements and expansions until late in the empire. The Volusii encouraged the settlement of Lucus Feroniae colony. Around the fourth century, the house was abandoned and the site was reused as a religious building, a fortified village and finally a farm.

The villa has two levels separated by a cryptoportico (covered passageway) and has the appearance of a model 'domus urbana’ (suburban villa). The beautiful floors are perfectly preserved, with mosaics in geometric patterns then finished with flowers, birds and various symbols.

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