Archaeological Civic Museum
Archaeological Civic Museum

Veroli. Archaeological Civic Museum

The Archaeological Civic Museum of Veroli is located in the town hall building and is dedicated to Hernia and Roman civilization.

One of the most interesting pieces in Veroli's history is a Latin epigraph reminiscent of Gracco, prefect of the smiths, and one that recalls the duumviro Lucio Alfio, which was part of a monument from 197 AD.

Many exhibits have been donated by citizens or come from the various works of arrangement of the cryptoporticus under the palace, a network of passages dated between the I-II century BC under the central square that connect the main buildings of Roman time.

The findings then start from the Roman Republican era and arrive at the medieval one.

A portion of polygonal walls, a reproduction of the Roman calendar, Fasti Verulani, and a collection of precious ceramics complete the museum's collection.

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