Sermoneta. Diocesan Museum

The Diocesan Museum of Sermoneta contains paintings and sacred furnishings that come from local churches no longer in use and is divided into two rooms: the first is the Chapel of the Three Kings, while the second is the Oratory of the Confraternity of the Knights built in 1499.

In the first room, among the other paintings there is the famous altarpiece of "San Michele Arcangelo who demolishes the demon" by Francesco da Castello, which dates back to 1590 and the table with "The Coronation of the Virgin" by Girolamo Siciolante made in 1570.

In the oratory of the Battenti you can still see three original scourges and numerous frescoes that describe the different tortures to which the members of the confraternity were subjected. Perhaps the frescoes were made around 1625 by Alessandro Melelli.

In any case, the frescoes were restored and modified in 1770 by Domenico Fiorentini.

In this room, in addition to the two paintings "Madonna with Child and Saints" by Odoardo Vicinelli of the eighteenth century and "The Madonna of the Rosary and the Saints" by Giovanni Domenico Fiorentini, one can admire some sacred furnishing items such as goblets and reliquaries and a dress in silk damask and blue cotton.

Important pieces of the collection are two fifteenth-century liturgical books with parchment and leather, bronze and semi-precious stone pages.

Written by
Benedicta Lee

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