Militello in Val di Catania. Museum of Sacred Art “San Nicolò”

Militello in Val di Catania. Museum of Sacred Art “San Nicolò”

The Museum of Sacred Art “San Nicolò” is located in the crypts of the mother church and contains the treasures of 7 churches of Militello.

It was established in 1985, designed by the architect Giuseppe Pagnano and with the support of the parish community, thanks to the restoration of the crypts under the right transept of the Mother Church and the remains of the houses, which were located here before the earthquake of 1693.

There is exhibited a very rich collection of liturgical silver, paliotti, vestments and sacred furnishings, ex voto, ancient tombstones and sculptures, valuable paintings.

The treasures of the churches of Santa Maria della Catena, Calvario and Sant’Agata and that of the Mother Church of Palagonia stand out. Among the most significant sculptural works, we note the statues of Saint Lucy and Saint Nicholas in the chair, a work by Giovan Battista Baldanza (1620), and a beautiful Neapolitan sculpture group depicting the Holy Family (1748).

The art gallery houses many paintings, including the altarpiece of the Annunciation by Francesco Frazzetto (1555), the valuable Attack on San Carlo Borromeo by the Tuscan Filippo Paladini (1612) and an Ecstasy of St. Francis attributed to him.

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