MUSAQ Golden Eagle Museum
MUSAQ Golden Eagle Museum

Licenza. MUSAQ Golden Eagle Museum

The area of ​​Mount Pellecchia in Licenza hosts one of the last pairs of Acqua Reale Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) who still live in Lazio.

Among the 19 species of birds of prey that nest in Italy, the golden eagle has always been represented as a symbol of strength, elegance and freedom. The nesting area of ​​Mount Pellecchia has been known for over 150 years, and for over ten years is protected with surveillance fields.

For this reason, the MUSAQ, a naturalistic scientific museum and laboratory, was founded in Licenza. The installations were curated by the CNR and in addition to the information section, a CSA laboratory - Environmental Experimentation Center was created where the relationship between man and the environment is experienced.

In the digital section, visitors can experience the thrill of flying thanks to a simulator that reproduces the flight experience of eagles.


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