Civita Castellana. Ceramics Museum C. Marcantoni

Civita Castellana. Ceramics Museum C. Marcantoni

The Ceramics Museum C. Marcantoni is located inside the Church of San Giorgio, in the city centre, and documents the activities of Civita Castellana ceramics of the last two centuries: from the craft during the nineteenth century until the industrial production in the sixties-seventies of the twentieth century.

Exhibits include ceramics, a wide collection of objects and tools, including a beautiful original lathe, and vintage photos taken inside the factories.

Thanks to private donations, a section has been set up on the activities of individual ceramic factories that have played an important role (Sbordoni, Percossi, Vasey, Marcantoni, Coramusi, F.a.c.i., M.a.i.s.c).

The museum holds educational activities and workshops as well as cultural activities.

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