Montefiascone. Educational Museum of Printing

The Educational Museum of Printing is the result of a permanent didactic exhibition of printing that traces the history of the typography brought to Montefiascone in 1695 by Cardinal Barbarigo. The cardinal was the true founder of the Episcopal Seminary that led to socio-economic rebirth of this village of Tuscia, making it an important point of attraction.

Among the endowments of the seminar, the cardinal also wanted to set up the Typographia Seminarii, which at the time was avant-garde and multicultural, being endowed with Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Syriac characters.

In 1892 the Tipografia changed its name in honour of Silvio Pellico and still today operates as an entrepreneurial and cultural activity.

In the exhibition the characters and the ancient typographic machines are displayed and there are rooms from an ancient laboratory with the composition, printing and binding departments having been reconstructed.

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