Saracinesco. Museum of Time

In Saracinesco there is an interesting open air Museum of Time that consists of seven instruments for measuring time, located in various picturesque corners of the countryside.

You can see: an equatorial sundial, a pastoral sundial, a horizontal sundial, a vertical sundial with declining face – resulting in non-symmetrical hour markings, an analemmatic sundial (variable gnomon position and hour markings in an elliptical pattern), a Lambert solar clock (similar to analemmatic but with hour markings in a circular pattern).

The most interesting work is a reproduction of the famous globe of Matelica. This spherical sundial from Roman times, with diameter of about 30 cm, was built in the second century. A.D. by scholars from Greece.

Through a series of concentric incisions you can determine the time and fractions of an hour with a accuracy of only 10 minutes, as well as data on the day, month, season and zodiac sign.

Written by
Benedicta Lee

Born in Rome from an Italian mother and American father, she works as a freelance communications manager and designer in the tourism sector, a career and interest which she is pursuing with a...