Roccasecca. Way of St. Benedict

From Rocccasecca the last part of the journey of Saint Benedict starts, the path that the saint has travelled in his passage from Subiaco to Montecassino where his true revolution will begin.

It is a change that will lead the monasteries he has created to be points of reference for a population desperate following the barbarian invasions and from the socio-economic destruction of a community life system that had held up for centuries.

'Ora et labora' became the rebirth mantra and thanks to the monasteries the lands returned to being cultivated, new knowledge spread, art returned and people lived in new communities.

This stretch of the path passes through the mountains and in many parts coincides with another well known line: the Gustav line, the line of defence of the German army during the Second World War.

Written by:
Benedicta Lee

Born in Rome from an Italian mother and American father, she works as a freelance communications manager and designer in the tourism sector, a career and interest which she is pursuing with a...

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