Cantina Bella Vista
Cantina Bella Vista

Cecali, potato gnocchi with ribs sauce

The tasty Cecali from Cantina Bella vista in Paliano are a dish that comes from the family tradition and while they were making gnocchi, Simona's grandmother always said to her: “Cecali” (make them a little curved).

Cecali are a type of potato dumplings handmade every day in the kitchens of the inn. They are seasoned with a particular sauce made with pork ribs which in Ciociaria can also be used to season polenta.

The Cecali have been on the menu since Simona opened the restaurant in 2014 following the advice of her grandmother who always wanted to transform the family cellar above the walls of the ancient village into a local.

The dream came true by buying the cellar next door and now Bella Vista is one of the most original places in Paliano and a terrace overlooking an incredible panorama. And so, over the years, in a small place that seemed forgotten by the world and with many efforts, Simona has realized the family dream of a lifetime.

Simona's menu follows the Ciociara and Paliano traditions.

Cantina Bella Vista is open Thursday evening, Friday evening, Saturday lunch and dinner and Sunday lunch.

Contacts: Cantina Bella Vista

via del Baluardo 21,23

Tel. +39 333 608 9730

Fb: @Cantina Bella vista

Cantina Bella Vista restaurant

Cantina Bella Vista restaurant

Showcase created with the contribution of the Municipality of Paliano

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