Restaurant the Sora Rosa of Rocca Priora
Restaurant the Sora Rosa of Rocca Priora

Le Cellette with “bacon” and pecorino cheese from Rocca Priora

 The cellette with bacon and pecorino are one of the traditional dishes served by Massimo and Ivano of the Sora Rosa restaurant in Rocca Priora. They are the children of the famous Nonna Rosa who had opened the first restaurant in the village and for this reason they are the custodians of the traditional local cuisine.

The cellette are the typical pasta of Rocca Priora to which a festival is also dedicated to underline the passion of the Roccaprioresi.

They are a long homemade pasta with a dough based on water and flour that is pulled by hand on a wooden pastry board and then stretched into thin cords. These are as fine as straws and their shape makes them perfect for blending with the seasoning.

Once drained, the cellette are sautéed in a pan with the bacon and pecorino to create a tasty cream.

The bacon and pecorino are chosen by selected local producers and are products of traditional Roman cuisine.

You can taste this dish and many others of the local tradition in front of a beautiful fireplace in the Sora Rosa restaurant in Rocca Priora where the kindness of Massimo and Ivano welcomes you.



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Le Cellette al guanciale e pecorino

Le Cellette al guanciale e pecorino di Rocca Priora di Sora Rosa

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