Anagni Primosale di Gattu
Anagni Primosale di Gattu

Primosale cheese by Gattu

Primosale is the simplest yet most difficult cheese to make because it contains the essence of the aromas of the pasture. And the Gattu family knows all about it.

It is a soft cheese made with only sheep's milk and can be defined as the beginning of the life of pecorino. In fact, it is tasted a few days (the lucky ones even a few hours) after the transformation of milk into cheese thanks to rennet.

On its name we must make some distinctions because it is called in different terms in different Italian regions.

In some cases it means a cheese without salt, in others a cheese with a single pass of salt on the outer surface that gives it a slight flavour.

In any case, the salt is so minimal that what is perceived is the quality of the pastures on which the sheep fed.

Giovanni Gattu's dairy specialises in the production of this cheese thanks to the pastures of the countryside of Anagni and Paliano.


Its essential taste makes it perfect to be used in salads or even together with fruit cut into pieces.

But it is also excellent cut into slices and heated in a pan or placed on top of a slice of meat.

Primosale Gattu can be found in the best shops around Anagni or by contacting him directly. Follow him on social networks to be updated.

Anagni, Primosale cheese by Gattu


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