Soft White Artisanal Nougat
Soft White Artisanal Nougat

Soft White Artisanal Nougat




 A soft white nougat, this is the proposal of Cinzia and Roberto del Forno Roiati of Rocca Priora and their family.

Handmade nougat with Castelli Romani honey and cooked in the pot according to the tradition of Roman cuisine.

All dried fruit such as walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts and almonds come from local or selected producers but always in Italy. Cinzia, Roberto and their children prepare daily bread, pizza and biscuits and the scent of their creations floods the whole neighborhood.

The soft white nougat is artisanal and has such a reputation that for over 15 years it has become one of the symbols of Rocca Priora's Christmas.

Entering the oven, the warmth of Roberto and the entire Roiati family will welcome you with daily surprises.

You can find nougat during the Christmas period in the oven with its store located in 'Le Grotti', where once there were caves where wine was stored and food products were aged.



Forno Roiati

Via Soland sul Spree,11
O0079 Rocca Priora (RM)
Tel 334 8390110   
06 947 1206

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FB @l’anticabontàdelforno Roiati
IS  forno_roiati

Soft White Artisanal Nougat

Soft White Artisanal Nougat of Forno Roiati

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