Panorama Colline di Affile winery
panorama Colline di Affile winery

Gaiano wine, Affile DOC

The Gaiano, Affile DOC is a wine produced exclusively from the Cesanese di Affile grapes grown in the municipality of Affile on the Affilani Mountains that dominate the Aniene Valley.

It is a ruby ​​red wine with garnet reflections that increase with aging.

On the nose, the Gaiano wine has a broad and intense aroma that begins with fruity notes of red fruit and black cherries to which the floral notes of violet and star anise are immediately added to then arrive at hints of licorice and spices.

It has a soft and intense taste with a velvety tannin and but at just the right balance.

The work to achieve this quality of wine begins in the vineyard where the members of the Colline di Affile winery collect the grapes by hand and select them before sending them to the cellar.

It is aged in 13-hectolitre barrels for 14 months and it remains at least another 6 months in the bottle before being tasted.

Colline di Affile brings together 60 members who since 2003 have been committed to saving the ancient Cesanese of Affile vine to produce one of the most popular mountain wines, appreciated since the Roman period.

An initiative that involved producers, wine experts and Affile lovers. A vast active network of actors engaged in the enhancement of the territory and its heritage made up of products, communities of people, history and natural beauties.

Gaiano is a wine that beyond the sensations of taste, it smells of history and love for the territory.

With its 14 degrees in the alcohol scale, the Gaiano is perfect for robust main courses, red meats, game and braised meats. It is excellent with aged cheeses.

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Tel 339 2176749
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Gaiano wine Affile Doc

Colline di Affile winery Gaiano, Affile DOC

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