The wondrous red sulphur lake of Pomezia

The wondrous red sulphur lake of Pomezia

Who knows the red lake inside the Sulphur lands of Pomezia? Very few, probably.

Well, there is a partially reddened lake because of particular bacteria that is found in part of the bottom of a gigantic quarry, inside the locality called 'solforata of Pomezia' and located at the extreme south of the park of Decima Malafede.

And this is where we come to.

We cross narrow strips of land in the marshes, we jump onto the rocks made yellow by the sulphur and climb up the highest hill, where suddenly the view of the lake, partially reddened, opens to us.

This vision is exciting, especially with the sun high in the sky.

In recent years, due to unknown causes, the phenomenon of redness has been somewhat attenuated.

"Ahi!" You will say. "We arrived too late? Can we no longer see the red lake? "(If the phenomenon is not present during your excursion).

This I do not know.

But if you descend from the hill and you go around the shores of another lake with a small and interesting cliff in the centre and in the water the looming yellow sulphur walls of the stack cliffs are reflected, and then you venture into the caldera passing streams of cerulean water and skirt around another lake which seems to be frozen, (but instead it is a conglomeration of small sulphurous fumaroles with banks that seem to be whitened by a snowfall), you will reach the opposite end of the caldera.

Here you will find yourself at the foot of a small canyon, at the base of which a stream of singular green shades appears.

You then ascend the steep walls of this gorge and you will have the vision of a further lake with a uniform vermilion color, whose sight will console you properly, if you had not found the big red lake.

But the problem is not so much the loss of the fantastic scarlet red colour of the big lake, as the drought of 2017 that is reducing the caldera lakes to pools, and that threatens to annihilate this and many other beautiful sulphurous places near Rome.

After completing this tour in a fantasy setting, we will be able to, still looking at the ‘alien’ views of the Sulphur lands, return to via Pontina, and reach the Circeo.

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