Best Icecream (Gelato) of the world in Sydney

Best Icecream (Gelato) of the world in Sydney

There are now hundreds, if not more, gelato bars around the world creating a plethora of colours, textures and taste sensations – of single scoop, double and triple, served in cones or paper cups and accompanied at your choice by fruit juices, milkshakes or unique creations of baristas.

In every town, there seems to now be at least one expert copyist and streams of gelato aficionados flow through the doors of these bars.

The bars all claim a unique feature that leads the passionate gelato fanatic to sample their wares.

One feature that is a potentially quantitative assessor of the quality of the gelato and its service is the world championship held in Italy. Undoubtedly, Italy is not just the home of Gelato but the prince of its creation, so tourists throng to the famous bars and pay their success fees for the newest gelato sensations.

But for the ultimate sensation, the gelato searcher seeks the world champion, and tonight we found one, the winner of the 2014 championships in Rimini, on the Adriatic coast of Italy. The winner from the multitude of Italian and international competitors was a gelato bar with the curious name of ‘Cow and the Moon’.

Yes, we found the Cow and the Moon typically on a corner of a main road and side street in a cosmopolitan area. Yes, there were continuous streams of locals and tourists paying their fees for the pleasure of sampling the winning gelatos.

So, what was unusual about this experience. The Cow and the Moon is located on the corner of Enmore Road in Enmore, and inner suburb of Sydney – AUSTRALIA!!!  I just thought you would like to know.

The gelato was wonderful. Passionfruit sorbet blended alongside Cherrymania won my vote against the caramel, chocolate nut varieties. But I guess, I’ll go back

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