The Role of Mankind in a Cynical Universe

The Role of Mankind in a Cynical Universe

Philosophers for thousands of years have pondered and argued the purpose of man’s existence, and come to a smorgasbord of different conclusions. Yet The Hitchhiker's Guide has possibly given all the answers, or is it that currency is what matters?

With respect to the great philosophies, let us consider the existence of man from just two antagonistic cynical perspectives, from each end of the stick of human continuum.

At one end we have the results of pure Darwinian Accident, a chemical trick of step by step statistical survival of the most ridiculous variations on the previous life form. This bears a remarkable similarity to Adams thoughts on the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal when he proposed the chances of being picked up in space within 30 seconds while holding breath as one in 2 to the power of 276709 to 1 (against) which of course happens to be odds of trillions to one - about the same odds as Darwinian evolution, no matter how long the time scale.

It is interesting that evolution is antagonistic to the apparent universe, as it disobeys the second law of thermodynamics – whereby every system moves towards its lowest energy state (or chaos reigns) – but we are being too simplistic. Physics of dark matter wins in this, the devil’s universe. In any case, who said that light is right? Maybe mankind is best represented by Adams whale.

At the other end we have the God of creation, and there is no arguing with ‘him’. God, as portrayed by his missionaries, sets some simple rules:

•Natural procreation must produce babies, otherwise it’s not legal fun and you must pay penance, in which case you can have fun.

•I am all-loving, but obey my rules or you go to hell, and if you do obey, you have no fun.

•The kingdom of heaven is closer to the front row of the cathedral

•I measure my love in legal (or illegal) currency.

•Have no graven images, I will store them for safekeeping in my vaults.

•The role of man is to build churches to store graven images and collect the taxes of life.

•Pay now, there may be no tomorrow.

You may note that in neither of these models – or in any continuum that connects them is there a role for humans in development of the self or improved living conditions. In the first case we exist by pure accident and in the second we are subservient and effectively irrelevant.

It should therefore not come as a surprise that natural evolution of mankind is directed solely to the creation of currency and that mankind is only required to exist to the extent of recognizing the overpowering importance of currency - currency is what matters.


Where men may try to avoid this responsibility through revolution, poverty or lack of resources, natural disasters or war will arise to reduce the burden by these peoples.


Consequently, since the sole purpose of life must be the creation and expansion of currency, it comes as no surprise that bankers are the keepers of this ‘holy Grail’ and so must be protected above all else, as governments have shown to an increasing degree in recent years. The role of lawyers and accountants is simply to maintain the importance of currency against an importunate revolution against bankers.


The great war of mankind will be, according to the most recent forecasts of the sage, that battle between currencies to create the great unifying force. Mankind may die but currency is what matters and currency will live forever.


(This article is reproduced under licence from Energitismo Limited)

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