Sunset Jazz Festival, in Sabaudia by the sea at sunset

Sunset Jazz Festival, in Sabaudia by the sea at sunset

The Sunset Jazz Festival was born in 2014 to bring jazz to Sabaudia beach. It combines the beauty of the Sabaudia promenade with its incredible sunsets and the sensual sounds of jazz music.

In July during the festival, every evening at sunset a jazz concert is held in the most beautiful beaches of Sabaudia.

It is a magic that is renewed every year in the presence of Mount Circeo, home of the sorceress Circe in the stories of Homer. The enthusiasm of the public each year is incredible and the positive energy that animates the concerts at sunset is unique.

The Sabaudia Sunset Jazz Festival is the only Italian jazz festival that takes place on the beach where musicians and the public who play often are barefoot and in bathing suits. Thousands of visitors are present during the festival week.

[caption id="attachment_60217" align="center-block" width="960"] Picture by Giulio Verdecchia[/caption]

The festival consists of more than 10 concerts in the 4 partner beach sections of Sabaudia beach. The concerts begin one hour before sunset (at 7 pm) and ends at sunset (around 8:40 pm), saying goodbye to the sun that disappears into the horizon amidst a thousand shades of red and orange.

The whole territory of Sabaudia was in the past a swamp and has been the object since the Middle Ages of colossal reclamation works, finished off by Mussolini. Since the 1960s, Sabaudia has become a hidden vacation spot for many personalities of cinema, music, painting and literature. Sabaudia with Monte Circeo is the land of the Maga Circe and of Ulysses, of the villa of Domitian on the shores of the lake.

Sabaudia is home to the Circeo National Park with 20 km of natural beaches, dunes and Mediterranean vegetation and many hectares of forest. Culture, history and nature come together in a peaceful harmony. The pace of life is slow. Nature, the sea and the wind are the masters of the city.

The festival invites the big names of Italian and foreign jazz. Sabaudia's Sunset Jazz Festival was born on the wave of enthusiasm for the city and music. It offers a high-level music program becoming, incredibly after only a few years, an important event in the Italian jazz scene.
Amor Fu, A. By Cosimo Quartet, Jazz Tales, Belote Bar, Electric Mad, Revelation Quartet, Bossanova Projet, E. Lomasto Quartet, Infusion, Todis Quartet, Jane B, No Stop Jazz Quartet, Paolo Recchia & Triology, Ready Made Trio , Irio De Paula Trio, Aldo Bassi Quartet, Triology, E. Tonelli, Todis Quartet, Maria Pia De Vito Trio, Ettore Fioravanti Quartet, Alessandro Di Cosimo, Pierluca Buonfrate, Laura Taglialatela, Francesca De Fazi, Gypsy Blues Band, Fabio Zeppetella, Joy Garrison, Bossanova do Mar & Eleonora Bianchini, QuartetTomei & Laura Perilli, Walter Ricci Quartet, Les Chats Noirs, Frances and the Love Hackers, Augusto Alves, Simona De Rosa.

In the 2017 edition the Parisian Denise King, the New Yorker Jerry Weldon, the Dutch Deborah Carter, the New Yorker Benny Benack played.

[caption id="attachment_60218" align="center-block" width="960"] Picture by Giulio Verdecchia[/caption]

Every year the concerts are free. Sunset Jazz Festival, love for music and for Sabaudia. Appointment at the beach to watch the sunset in July!

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