The dreamer percussionist: Amato Jazz Trio

The dreamer percussionist: Amato Jazz Trio

Have you ever taken part in a jazz session where three brothers improvise all the time following only the instinct and energy of the hall?

If you do not know the power of improvisation, then you are missing something. After all this is precisely the spirit of jazz: instinctive creativity worked on a rhythm and a precise timing.

But when the music is played by the three brothers of the Amato Jazz Trio who can understand each other with just a slight movement of their eyelashes, emotions change.

We are in Anagni in the superb Sala della Ragione for the Anagni Jazz Fest and the imposing hall lights. At the beginning it seems strange not to follow the Jazz beat  through the dim lights, after all Wagner had also created Bayreuth just to avoid the light and the worldliness of the works in the lit up theaters.

But the hall has its own charm given by centuries of events, the coat of arms above the platform on which they perform and the mullioned windows on their sides know of history and perhaps justify the lack of darkness.

But the light allows you to look carefully at the faces of the musicians and to see their movements well.

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Picture by Osvaldo Caperna[/caption]

They are three brothers, the most austere plays the double bass and does not seem to smile too much taken by the notes of his not so easy musical instrument. But his solos are perfect and he makes the double bass notes 'dance'.

The other brother often switches himself between a trombone and a keyboard and he is the true leader. It’s him who decides the musical themes, the rhythm and the lineup. He plays perfectly and communicates with the eyes with the brothers. But just a fleeting look because then he closes his eyes and lets himself be carried away. A lot of technique and a lot of experimenting, a desire to amaze with musical evolutions.

Then there is the third brother with a pair of flowered pants and mirrored glasses with green lenses that do not let the eyes see. He seems to happen by chance, he always smiles and he almost feels as a last minute recruited player there to complete the trio.

I can see the movements of his mouth and the direction of his head but not the gaze hidden by the lenses. Yet it is easy to understand that he follows his brother's directions with love, not only in the initial choice but also in the experimentations.

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Picture by Osvaldo Caperna[/caption]

He changes drum sticks and vibrations continuously to follow the experiments of his brother, enhances the evolutions and follows in new musicalities. He plays the dishes from bottom to top, he hits the temples of the plates and drums and not just the instruments. He plays everything he can using hands, woods and brushes. A percussion chef!

Loris Amato is never excessive, never with the claim to amaze the audience with deafening sequences but always supporting the two brothers.

A unique experience, a music that gently penetrated and moved the feet with the pace decided by the three brothers. Amato Jazz Trio, a real surprise and a perfect prologue for Anagni Jazz Fest.

An exciting touch of class for the City of the Popes!

Written by:
Claudia Bettiol

Engineeer, futurist, joint founder of Energitismo and founder of Discoverplaces. Consultant for the development and promotion of the Touristic Development of Territories specialising in...

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