Tourism video pills - part 25

Tourism video pills - part 25

From the product to our tables!

We told you the wonderful story of how after 15 years in New York, our friend Pasquale returned to his native village of Sassinoro. Together with its "Zafferano del Matese" it has rediscovered its roots, while raising a gastronomic movement for typical products and Italian excellence.

And today, Pasquale introduced the chef Annamaria Mastrantuono who completes the story by introducing us to the colors and flavors of a dish that makes Pasquale Saffron the undisputed protagonist.

Annamaria also returned to her village of Morcone after several trips around the world to raise her children in a healthy environment. Now it has a restaurant and the goal is to enhance the culinary tradition of a territory that has given emotions and will continue to give many with its recipes ...

to the next recipe!


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