Tourism video pills - part 37

Tourism video pills - part 37


A particular language, and a crackling character to say the least… This is Segni and signins.

Sometimes the love for a country is shared, and certain stories help us to awaken even our hidden memories. Together with Nicoletta Massini we go, or rather we go back to Segni. A fantastic village near Rome surrounded by nature and the beauty of the Lepini Mountains.

A town that is a treasure trove of traditions guarded by crackling people who speak their own language. Segni is this and more. The cyclopean walls, the perfectly preserved ancient doors and a nymphaeum recently brought to light.

Despite all this, Segni is little valued, by its inhabitants and by a superficial tourist circuit. Hidden in the shadow of other villages that can offer less, in terms of history and experiences.

A walk in Segni is not a simple visit, but a real experience that we invite everyone to try!

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