Tourism video pills - part 57

Tourism video pills - part 57

The future is in our roots, we have no doubts, and Chiara starts from Vico in Lazio!

After months of quarantine, our Chiara Rossi led her whole family to discover her closest roots, those of the splendid village of Vico in Lazio.

An immaculate city wall, and 24 towers that are still testament to an immovable strength and culture. A village where you enter the Middle Ages and then find particular connections with modern art.

Vico nel Lazio is also the custodian of the uncontaminated nature of the Ernici Mountains, and of a wonderful oasis, guarded by Luciano d’Abbruzzo the "guardian of the woods".

Chiara spent a day with her daughters and her husband in this jewel of an oasis, an experience so beautiful after so long at home, that her daughter Virginia wanted to tell her emotions about a day spent between present and future.

A new appointment for our #theFutureIsInOurRoots contest

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