Tourism video pills - part 60

Tourism video pills - part 60

Discovering the island that is not there

Do you know the history of Ferdinandea Island?

Let's go back to the sea of ​​Sicily, near the coasts of Sciacca which in recent months we have learned to know and love thanks to many of its citizens who share beautiful stories with us, like this one!

Together with Angela De Michele and Giuseppe Di Giovanna we go to the discovery of an island of volcanic origin which emerged only for a few months and which has now disappeared. And to think that it is still disputed by the peoples who wait for it to re-emerge to "conquer" it. A mysterious island that no longer exists today, but which in its formation and disappearance has created one of the largest coral basins in the world. A precious, precious, and famous material throughout Italy. In

Sciacca they dedicated a museum to him, which still lives today thanks to the works of old craftsmen.

And you can buy yourself a unique jewel made by Sicilian masters!

A story we didn't expect!

A new appointment for our #theFutureIsInOurRoots contest


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