Tourism video pills - part 70

Tourism video pills - part 70

A trip to Puglia, passing through Picinisco.

A story of deviations from customs and pleasant surprises that can only be experienced by exploring. Michela tells us about her travels in Puglia, where she regularly goes every year with her car. This time he changes route, and decides to go inland instead of the coast, and to visit our beloved Ciociaria. First in Montecassino, and then Picinisco.

He stops one night in the splendid hotel of our dear friend Cesidio di Ciacca, and lives a day in the small village of Picinisco, which as he tells us in the summer speaks more English than Ciociaro, and we know it well!

It's always nice to rediscover our villages through the experiences of others, and returning to Picinisco is always a pleasure ...

A new appointment for our #theFutureIsInOurRoots contest

#italianisuperanotutto #IlFuturoNelleNostreRadici #Picinisco

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