Video-pillole sul turismo - part 75

Video-pillole sul turismo - part 75

A new appointment for our #theFutureIsInOurRoots contest

Country you go, holidays you find ... and what holidays!

In today's video and history we go to Ramacca, a small Sicilian village, together with the story of Rosaria, who talks to us about the village festivals and the traditions that accompany them.

From the great artichoke festival, to that of bread, to the very heartfelt one of the Patron Saint Joseph. A feast that accompanies Easter, and that shows our Italianity, unique in its kind, to the whole world. For the feast of St. Joseph, every family in the town sets up an altar, rich in food as a gift to the Saint like the classic decorated bread.

After the families, as in a large procession, they take turns visiting each other's houses and altars, in a great show of solidarity and hospitality.

The patronal festivals are unique, and any foreigner who comes to Italy and takes part in it is impressed.

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