Arce. Archaeological area of ​​Fregellae

The ancient city of Fregellae was founded by the Romans in 328 BC. It was a Latin colony of the Roman Republic and it is a rare example of such ancient cities.

After its destruction in 125 BC nothing was built on the site and this has allowed the preservation of structures belonging to an age that is not so well known.

In the Archaeological area of ​​Fregellae in Arce they have identified the main nuclei of the ancient city.

It can be seen the forum with the complete Curia-Comice, a quarter of aristocratic houses, public Thermal Baths of the community, the sanctuary of Asclepius - god of medicine, and another temple outside the walls of the city dedicated to a female divinity.

The aristocratic residential neighbourhood and the Baths can be visited.

The aristocratic residential neighbourhood also includes the building of public baths, one of the oldest unearthed in the Roman world.

Along the Decumanus Maximus, the main thoroughfare leading to the Forum, there are four pavilions that cover the structure of the domus of the type "house with atrium".

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