Cervaro. Goldsmith Art Anthropological Museum

The Goldsmith Art Anthropological Museum is located in the former Magistrate's Court and collects the evidence of an important craft of Cervaro.

The city of Cervaro had 30 goldsmith workshops active until the early decades of the 1900s, and that were spread throughout the town.

Inside the museum you can find machinery, moulds and equipment illustrating the phases of the working of gold.

On display are collections of jewellery products, made in Cervaro between the end of 1600 and 1900, from family donations.

Among the most common operations is gold filigree and moulded, moulded chains and fretwork, signet rings and those, characteristics, with the two intertwined hands.

A "goldsmith's shop" has been created, where the visitor can follow the various stages of the processing of gold with the guidance of a master craftsman.

Written by:
Benedicta Lee

Born in Rome from an Italian mother and American father, she works as a freelance communications manager and designer in the tourism sector, a career and interest which she is pursuing with a...

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