Fiuggi. Cyclotourism in Fiuggi

Fiuggi. Cyclotourism in Fiuggi

The beautiful Anticolana Valley with its ancient villages and the Ernici Mountains are the natural backdrops for cycling enthusiasts.

From Fiuggi you can cycle at least 7 trails each linked to an appealing place.

Lake Canterno: Easy to Mediumdifficulty on paved road of 25 km with an altitude change of 300 m. The trail goes through the Nature Reserve, passing along the banks of the lake and crossing pleasant woods. Along the way you have an incredible view of the Sacco Valley, Trivigliano, Torre Cajetani, Porciano and Fumone.

The Old Railway: Medium difficulty on paved road of 38 km with an altitude difference of 645 m. For wine lovers, this road partially follows the Cesena Road of Piglio DOCG.

The City of the Popes: Medium difficulty route of 58 km on secondary paved roads and cycle path with a height difference of 995 m. In addition to the route to Anagni, with its cathedral, you cross the centre of Paliano and the ancient hamlet of Acuto.

The highlands of Arcinazzo and the Via del Cesanese: A challenging path of medium difficulty on asphalt road of 57.6 km or 66.5 km with a deviation at Subiaco, and with an altitude difference of 1137 m. You arrive at Subiaco, with the famous Benedictine monasteries, crossing Affile and passing by the villa of the Roman emperor Trajan of Arcinazzo. The deviation allows you to reach Bellegra from where you can enjoy a panorama of all the provinces of Lazio.

Above the Altipiani: A challenging tour on a paved road of 67.5 km with a 1330 m altitude change. The route leads to the pristine valley of Aniene, the second river of Rome. Pass by the Sacro Speco monastery of St. Benedict at Subiaco and cross the villages of Jenne and Trevi nel ​​Lazio.

The Ernici Mountains: Medium difficulty route on paved roads of 39.5 km with a difference in altitude of 690 m. It crosses the forests of the Ernici Mountains passing through the High Plain of Arcinazzo and crossing the appealing medieval village of Guarcino

Collepardo and Certosa di Trisulti: Challenging path on a paved road of 77 km length with a height difference of 1700 m. The goal is the Caves of Collepardo, the Well of Antullo and the wonderful Carthusian Monastery of Trisulti.


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