Casale 5 Scudi, Evoluzione Rosso merlot
Casale 5 Scudi, Evoluzione Rosso merlot

"Evoluzione Rosso” red wine

Evoluzione Rosso, a merlot that cannot be forgotten produced from vineyards in one of the areas of Aprilia with the greatest winemaking vocation. The Mariani family business is located right in Le Ferriere, the beating heart of wine production on the Lazio coast.

It is a wine that is worked in wooden vats and left to age for 12 months in oak barrels. Before reaching the consumer, Evoluzione Rosso is left to refine for at least another 6 months in the bottle.

A merlot with an intense fruity and spicy aroma, notes of cherry and red fruits are combined with those of spices which are then enhanced by hints of tobacco and chocolate.

In the mouth it is a persistent wine with velvety tannins and great elegance that evolves and increases with aging. With its 14 degrees it is suitable for first courses with meat sauce, truffles and mushrooms or red meat dishes.

Evoluzione Rosso contains in its name the history of the Mariani family which began in 1886 to cultivate vineyards in the area known as 5 Scudi and today has grown to cultivate 57 hectares.

That of the winemaker is a passion that have been handed down for generations and that evolves every year thanks to attention to quality and the desire to surprise the drinker more and more.


Contact information:

Azienda Agricola Cinque Scudi
Via Capitancelli 72 
00049 Velletri – RM 
Tel 393 2250 748

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Evolutione red wine merlot Casale 5 Scudi

Velletri Casale 5 Scudi - Evoluzione Rosso red wine Merlot

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