Terracina. Moscato of Terracina DOC

Terracina. Moscato of Terracina DOC

The Moscato of Terracina (Moscato di Terracina) is a DOC white wine and a grape native of the Latina area and one of the few aromatic grapes. 

Terracina is a city on the coast of Lazio Region and the proximity to the sea and the soil type makes the wine fragrant and particularly sought after.

4 types of wine are produced with Moscato grapes: dry, sweet, passito and sparkling.

All wines have intense floral notes, good flavor and good balance.


Written by:
Benedicta Lee

Born in Rome from an Italian mother and American father, she works as a freelance communications manager and designer in the tourism sector, a career and interest which she is pursuing with a...

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